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More Public Montessori for California

My children attended a free, Public Montessori program in California for 7 years. Now I want to give every family the opportunity to choose a Montessori program for their child. I want to help create new Public Montessori programs in the state, and spread the positive, child centered, Montessori influence to all schools!

I hear parents tell me they would love Montessori for their children, but it is too far away or it is too expensive. Luckily, Montessori Education is rapidly growing, and I intend to connect Public and Private Montessori Education to State, County and District level support.

Montessori Education is the focus of my life. I grew up in a Montessori School, and returned to work at that school as a young adult. Currently, I publish books about Montessori Education and I collaborate with leaders in the field to support both public and private Montessori schools.

Montessori Education is based on the science of learning. Key components of Montessori Education include:

  • Concern for the welfare of children
  • Promoting peace on earth
  • Honoring the interconnected and interdependent nature of life
  • Reverence and stewardship of nature

I will bring my proven record of success and collaboration in the Montessori education field to the California Department of Education and inspire California Public School curriculum with Montessori leadership and values.

And I will help create even more high quality, free, Public Montessori programs for as many children as possible.  

Paid for by Joseph Guy Campbell for California State Superintendent of Public Instruction 2022 FPPC# Pending
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